Paint the World

Erasure Poem

The kids’ work speaks volumes as I wrap up this quarter teaching at two Berkeley Elementary Schools. By the end of each session, I see kids coming into their own with their writing and owning their words.

Paint the World

Painting the world with their feelings: God is the pencil your the highlighter/God drew the world, you made it/brighter.

Light, Fire, Summer

Light, Fire, Summer…This is the fire/in my head.

This Side For Messages

I found a box last week, tucked way in the┬ácorner of a junk store in Oakland: hundreds of antique postcards. Some are blank and some have been signed and addressed from places like Pompeii, Italy…in the 1960’s. The written postcards are like messages from the past, the destinations forever frozen in a cataloged cardboard box. The unwritten cards are begging for a message, like this grand doorway.