Ca Government Code Development Agreements

The planning commission may recommend the use of a development contract as a method of implementing or making available standards and criteria for each development permit, including: by finding that a development contract cannot be adopted on an initiative, the Tribunal`s decision confirms that a development contract is a contract that must be negotiated by a local government and a landowner. The court`s decision in this case is simple, but has a big impact on the developers. The adoption by local legislators of a voter-sponsored initiative has been an important instrument in the developer`s toolbox, as the CEQA does not apply to such an action. In the future, local legislative bodies will still be able to adopt voter-sponsored initiatives to amend a general plan, area by-law or other land-use rules, but no development agreements to transfer these rules. D. After receiving an application, the results of the environmental assessment and the recommendations of the Planning Director, the planning board must hold a public hearing. The intention to consider the application must be reasoned in accordance with sections 65090 and 65091 of the California Government Code and in accordance with CMC 18.15.080, Hearings and Appeals. In addition, if the application is processed at the same time as the development project, it must be informed to the extent necessary for the examination of the development project. E. Registration. Within 10 calendar days of the city entering into the development contract, the city`s author must have the contract registered with the Riverside County recorder. .

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