Rental Transfer Agreement

When a tenancy agreement is transferred (assigned), the loan must also be transferred in the name of the new tenant. You will find more information in our transfer of the loan from one client to the other side. B. The plenipotentiary wishes to assign and transfer to the agent this lease agreement (the “rental contract”) of June 11, 2020, executed by the Assignor as a tenant and by – as a lessor (the “lessor”). This is also good news for the sellers, who could have been liable for the damage to the tenant if the lease had not been transferred, since the rented apartment could no longer be made available to the tenant. 1. The tenancy agreement provides for the rental of the premises described below (the “conditions”) to the agent: – The assignee takes the place of the assignee in the proportion of the intermediate tenant and the tenant, the assignee remaining responsible for damages, missed rents and other offences of the tenancy. An “assignment form” is a special document that allows a tenant to transfer their shares in the lease to another entity or person. The company or person concerned agrees that it will accept and be bound later to the terms set out in the original lease. To date, there has been controversy in the legal doctrine as to whether this legal consequence applies even when the lease is concluded, but the lease has not yet begun and the tenant has not yet moved into the leased property. The Bundesgerichtshof has just resolved this issue in its decision BGer 4A_393/2018 of 20 February 2019 upholding the decision of the Zurich Commercial Court HG160080-O of 15 May 2018 (Altenburger AG rechts – steuerlich as a representative of one of the parties to the proceedings). The Supreme Court held that, according to the wording of Article 261 of Swiss Bond Law, a lease agreement must not have commenced and that the conclusion of the lease is sufficient for the transfer of the lease to a new owner.