Managed Firewall Service Level Agreement

CNI_INDEPENDENTS provides the necessary personnel, equipment, equipment and/or services and provides, by other means, all necessary measures or accessories to carry out the work. The managed firewall service provides your agency with a supervised, managed and managed firewall. The service provides a firewall management solution for agencies that choose to use a network of agencies provided by the CTS, which can be managed either by CTS technical staff or by agency technical staff. CTS services provide virtual firewall technologies connected to the government state network (“SGN”). This service is governed by the Customer Service Agreement (MSA) separate from the customer, if applicable, with Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) which are called Washington Technology Solutions or short for “WaTech.” This agreement will be reached between you and CTS for the provision of firewall services managed by CTS. For the purposes of this contract, “you” and “customer” are interchangeable and the entity used to provide services to CTS. 9. If the customer terminates part of the managerial firewall during its useful life, with the exception of termination for cause, such termination is effective only 60 days after the written termination of the company (termination date); and the customer is responsible for the payment within 30 days of the effective date of the termination: (a) all costs incurred, but not paid, for managed firewall services incurred up to the termination date; (b) an amount equal to the amount of recurring monthly fees for the completed managerial firewall service, which remains in the first year of operation; Plus (c) if applicable, 75 per cent of the monthly periodic fee for the promised lifetime balance after the first year of service; plus (d) any early termination fee or penalty (if any) imposed by the local network manager; plus (e) in proportion to all credits received by the Customer, provided that the total liability of the customer does not in any way exceed the total value of the contract of the terminated managed firewall service. Verizon Business determines, based on the following three criteria, whether a customer has the right to use the equipment replacement ALS 4 hours before the service is delivered. Note: Customers must meet all three specified conditions. Verizon Business processes any changes to the firewall configuration received by the customer POC after the firewall is activated for the emergency recovery site within four hours. (This assumes an average number of rules; more than 25 rules are not covered by ALS).